When Jeff endorse me for Mozilla Reps.

For Mozilla Reps I needed endorsement from someone in Mozilla , and Jeff Beatty endorsement's was memorable :

Reza is one of the stars of the Persian l10n community. I had the pleasure of meeting him via email a few years ago and then meeting him in person at the l10n-driver organized RTL localization hackathon in Sri Lanka last October. Reza has a sincere passion for FOSS and lives in a region of the world where there is a lot of opportunity for FOSS tech evolution. He's personable, well spoken, self-motivated,and would be an excellent candidate for becoming Iran's first Mozilla Rep. I highly endorse him

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Python Page Generator Felix Felicis

Felix Felicis or Liquid Luck in Harry Potter- is a Python Static page generator. if you want create a Blog with Python like Jkeyll you can use Liquid luck. Liquid luck Feature: 1- support multi markdown for writing Post Javascript and actually Python. 2- support good collection of Theme and more..

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How To Get Good At Making Money.

I got FileMaker Pro (I paid for it with the stash I’d saved up selling stuff to my friends) and started messing around. After a few months, I had solved the problems I had with organizing my music. I knew what music I had, where it was, whom I had loaned it to, how much I paid for it. The solution was elegant and easy to use. I called it Audiofile…Before making it available to other AOL users, I added a limit in the program—people could file 25 CDs for free; after that, it would cost $20 to unlock Audiofile and remove the limit.

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